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Infection of Memory, 2004
Making use of the matrixes she designed for the Epopéia Paulista panel, the artist joins forces with Carlos Pedreañez to create rubbings that are spread throughout the streets.
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Human Skin, Urban Skin, 2004
In lines of red sand upon an asphalt surface, Bonomi draws a being whose skin is made up of sheets of clay printed from sidewalks, streets and buildings.
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Tetraz, 2003
Knives thrust into boxes of earth and sand, cutting objects, newspaper clipping and photographs of illnesses chaotically exhibited upon a wall with four three-meter long woodcuts make up Tetraz.
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Passagem Pela Imagem III, 2001
earth, stones, mirrors and painted canvas - IV Bienal Barro de América - Maracaibo, Venezuela
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Para Ver o Silêncio, 1999
mirrors - United Artists 5 - Viagens de Identidades - Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, 1999
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On Essence: The Seven Horizons of Man
In this installation, Maria Bonomi layers sand, salt, glass, charcoal, clay, cement and earth upon a mirror over a plastic film covered with texts by a wide variety of authors.
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Passagem pela Imagem, 1997
stones and mirrors - Arte e Natureza - Art and Art Public Exhibition – Alfhaville Comercial Centre, Barueri, 1997
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Metempsicose, 1996
aluminum cans and glass bottles covering mannequins
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